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Since 2011 the International Beethoven Project, NFP runs the annual Beethoven Festival multidisciplinary modern extravaganza that has been called "best new undertaking" (Chicago Tribune) and "smash of the season" (Time Out). It's not just Beethoven, but focuses on the best and most creative works throughout the ages in music, art, literature and other disciplines.

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    Beethoven Festival: REVOLUTION 2012 festival passes are now available for purchase here:

    We have 1 Day Passes ($30 / $60)

    3 Day Passes ($80 / $160)

    5 Day Passes ($120 / $240)

    and the grand total

    9 Day Pass ($200 / $350)

    In our opinion, only purchase a 1 Day Pass if you absolutely cannot attend any other days. This is such a major undertaking and a huge conglomeration of superb artists that your time and money will be well spent on a multiple day pass.

    Do keep in mind that multi-day passes have fairly limited supplies.

    You can direct any and all questions to

    Thanks for your support! And share the news…

    — 2 years ago